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Posted in News by Admin on April 03, 2017

I'm finishing up one of the main controls, the layout container. This is the control which will hold all the card input values (title, description, etc), so since I started this control I wanted something optimized as possible. Instead of using windows within windows, it uses a class to perform the whole calculation of all items/groups. Currently only items (A window control may be attached to it) and groups are implemented.

You can see in the image above, the item 1 #22 has a button attached to it. In this example the button doesn't stretch and is both horizontally and vertically centered.

Scrollbars implementation is nearly done. I still need to optimize the bitmap creation (It uses double-buffering to avoid flickering, so a bitmap is created and released everytime the window needs to be repainted). The calculation is divided into 3 steps:

1- Minimum size calculation (When you add/remove items/groups);
2- Stretch calculation (When you resize the container);
3- Painting (When you scroll the container);

One step will trigger the next one. If you add/remove an item to/from a group then the entire layout will be recalculated/painted.

What next?

After finishing the Layout container control, I'll start the Image viewer one. I want to do a better (with zooming capabilities, proper image transparency handling) than the one in the current version.

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