It's 2017!

Posted in News by Admin on January 01, 2017

So, 2017 is here! While 2016 wasn't a very active year, at least not for TCG Editor itself, I do hope to bring more content this year. Speaking of which, I'd like to show some libraries that'll be used on the next release. One major thing is that unlike the first version of the editor, I'm going to use Microsoft's Visual Studio Compiler. This change will give me more flexibility and less issues.

The libraries – the essence of the program, so let's talk about them:
For the user interface I'm going to use Codejock's Toolkit Pro – a full fledged UI Library. Obviously it doesn't include some specific controls, so I'll have to make them. One of them is being developed right now.

Just like the first version, I'll use FreeImage library to control and manipulate images. So no big deal here.

Freetype will be used to render the text. This is an important one because I faced lot's of issues using windows' native text drawing functions.

There are more things I have planned, but for now that's all you need to know.

Have a very happy and successful 2017!

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