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Posted in News by Admin on December 03, 2016

So, it's been a very long time but I finally finished the new website platform. Using em units, the website takes the browser's font size as base. This combined with a flat theme should make the website more... modern.

Under the old platform I was having trouble with spam comments, which made me disable the publication of new comments (I'll take the guilt here, the captcha system was very weak). Now it features Google's no-captcha re-Captcha, which is very easy to solve (If you are a human that is).
In addition to that, you no longer have to enter your name or email address. It's totally optional.

I also changed the gallery system. It's not like the old one was bad, but the new one have an awesome zooming smoothness (Great for huge images).

Now I can focus on the development of the new TCG Editor. I'll post more information about that later.

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